The best is yet to come

Dear Blake,

I hope one day you take the time to sit down and read these letters to you.  It will be written by your Daddy and I.  We want to show you everything you did and how you made us feel and how much we love you everyday.  The idea to write to you, came very easy to me because I thought about what was most important to me and it’s always easy to write about something important to you.  I hope when you read this that you laugh, cry tears of joy, and smile because you make us feel like that everyday.

I love you,


Letters to my son

My name is Erin Johnson and I am starting a blog from a challenge at my work. I am a first grade teacher and was challenged to start a blog to be a better writing teacher. I decided to make my blog be about my son. Then I decided to turn it into letters to my son Blake. When Blake grows up I will let him read this blog and all the letters I wrote to him and it will sort of be like a diary of his life growing up. I can’t wait to write about Blake and show this to him when he gets older! Thanks for reading!