The bears

Dear Blake,

Today I wanted to write about the bear dilemma.  Since you have been born, my goal was to try to get you to have a favorite stuffed animal.  You started liking two different little bears, one was brown and one was white.  They were your favorite…we brought them everywhere we went!  But we lost the brown bear one day and we don’t even know where he went.  I looked everywhere!  Then on Saturday I took you to the zoo and we had the white bear.  I gave him to you in the stroller (big mistake) because as soon as I must have started moving, you must have thrown him out of the stroller (you like to throw everything out).  When I got to the gate at the zoo I noticed white bear was gone!  When I went back to retrace my steps he was nowhere to be found.  I called the zoo lost and found when we got home and they did not have him!  I felt awful.  I googled the bear because he came with a book, but could not find it to buy a new one.  Your Dada went to three different stores the next day to try to find it but they only had the book, not the bear.  So Dada ended up buying a different small bear.  He brought it home last night and you picked it out of the bag and hugged it behind your ear.  You instantly loved it and I think forgot about the lost bears. 

Mama still went online and found a similar book and bear (only this time he is brown) and I bought it!  He will come in the mail soon…

The mail…a new obsession…to be a future post.