Dear Blake,

 We just got back from an awesome vacation to Disney World!  This is the second time you have been there. We drove with Papa and Gigi just like I used to do when I was a little girl.  We brought a lot of things in the car for you to play with like DVD players and of course a Magna doodle.  We also brought walkie talkies so that we can talk to Papa and Gigi in the other car.

First we went to Jacksonville Beach to Auntie Christine in Uncle Bryan’s house.  We stayed there for a day and when in the pool and the beach and then we all drove to Disney World together.  We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside which is our favorite place to stay.  One day TT and Uncle Colin came and surprised Auntie Christine and Uncle Bryan and they got to see Rory for the first time. We went in all of the parks and you even went on most of the big rides.  You went on Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest and Space Mountain and Splash Mountain and the mine train ride which was your favorite you said.  It was so fun to show you all of the things that we do when we go to Disney and to see you enjoy it as well.  I cannot wait to take you back again someday!