Going back to work

Dear Blake,
I haven’t written you in a few weeks because I’ve been so busy going back to work.  Now that I’m settled in,  I wanted to tell you how much I miss you.  I love work and my students are great kids. ..but I miss you all day long.  I think about you all the time and I wonder what you are doing while I’m at work.  I wonder if you think of me.  Sometimes it’s just so overwhelming to think about missing everything you do. 
I start getting emotional.  It’s hard to want to be there but I can’t.  I just have to enjoy the minutes I do get to spend with you.  I enjoy the nights when I get to be with you after work.  I enjoy the weekends when we have family time.  I just have to keep pushing forward and making the most out of every moment.

Mommy time

Dear Blake,

Tonight I will get to have some Mommy time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being with you, so that’s why I’m waiting until you’re already asleep to go SHOPPING!   In the past I’ve tried to go shopping with you.  It’s next to impossible unless I have someone there to help me and even then, it’s almost impossible.  Here’s how shopping usually goes…

– get you ready and make sure you have had a nap before we leave

– feed you lunch after your nap so you’re not hungry

– pack up things like cups of milk, snacks, toys, stuffed animals, the stroller, diaper bag, etc.  (sometimes I feel like I’m going on vacation, just to go to the mall)

– get you in the car (now you don’t like the car much any more, so within the first 2 minutes you are already screaming)

– get to the mall and unload the car and pack everything into the stroller (including you)

– walk around for 2 minutes and then you start throwing things out of the stroller and whining like you want to get out

– realize that you need to be changed so I bring you to the mall bathroom and find out that we have a diaper disaster and that you’ve peed or pooped all over your clothes and that I need to wipe you all down and change your entire outfit.

– by now you want to be free, so I need to find a place to let you walk, but there’s not a place I can do that, so…..TIME TO GO HOME!

– walk to the car, unload the stroller and put you in the car (now you are just hysterically crying because you haven’t walked around in like 2 hours)

– make the adventure back home with you crying all the way or falling asleep in the car

– I realized I didn’t get to shop at all

That’s ok.

Tonight I get some Mommy time.  I can shop and it will be weird to go into a store without you and all your things.  I can just walk in, just me and my purse.  Then I’ll come back home and you’ll still be sleeping and you will not even know that I was gone.  I’ll be ready to have another great day with you tomorrow!