Garbage man

Dear Blake,
You are completely obsessed with the garbage man and all things garbage! YOU love watching for the garbage man and setting out the garbage cans. You know the difference between the different garbage companies. You love waste management the most and you even say that some of the garbage cans have a “WM” down and a “WM” up. Down means the letters are down toward the bottom and up means the letters are up toward the top. It took us a year to figure out what you were talking about.
Papa and Gigi have a garbage day movie that you watch EVERY time you go over there. It’s from the library and it’s made the in the 1980’s and has funky 80’s music that you know by heart now. You even taught me what a rolloff was. I had no clue.
You say you want to be a garbage man for Halloween. I just happened to find a yellow neon vest you can wear for the costume. You are so excited you already want to wear it everywhere!
You have quite a collection of garbage trucks and toy garbage cans. You set them up all around the room and drive your trucks around to pick up the “garbage” (which is pieces of paper and small things to make garbage.) You even ask everyone to create “WM” labels for you to tape on your trucks. It has become quite the obsession. Gigi says one day you might become CEO of waste management.


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