Seeing Santa 2015

Dear Blake,

Every year is exciting to watch you at Christmastime but this year is especially exciting because you are very aware of what is going on and taking in all that is around you.  This is the first year that you fully understand who Santa is and what our Elf on the shelf does and how you know what to ask for Christmas.  We even made a list this year!  You knew exactly what you wanted:

  1. Lunchtime creations (Playdoh)
  2. Bowling ball (green)
  3. Paw Patrol guys
  4. Disney Tsum Tsums
  5. Books
  6. Brown playdoh (no one could find it until Papa and Gigi bought you a set that had brown playdoh in it)
When we went to the mall to see Santa, you were not afraid at all!  You went right up to him and sat on his lap and started telling him what you wanted for Christmas.  I could not believe you were not afraid this year!  This is how I know you are growing up.  You understand what we told you about Santa bringing you presents and you told him what you wanted.  So neat to watch.  I love you so much and I can’t wait to watch you light up as you open up these very important items from your list from us and from Santa!

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