Preschool part 2

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Dear Blake,

On your first day of preschool I was fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to take you to school and pick you back up.  We got ready and I drove you there.  Gigi met us there so she could take care of Owen so I could take you in.  We got in the building and the classroom doors were shut so we waited in the hall with the other parents.  I was trying not to cry so that you wouldn’t see me being sad.  You held my hand getting ready to go in.  I’ve never seen you stand so still and quiet.  The door opened and they let us in.  The teachers said to hang up your backpack by your nametag and go play with the toys at a table.  You did that and the teacher said that as soon as the children were playing and acting fine, then we can go.  So you were playing and fine so I said “Ok Blake, Mama has to go now, I love you and I’ll see you after school.”  Then you realized I was leaving, you started following me to the door and said “But Mama, don’t go, don’t leave me alone!”  That’s when I started tearing up but still trying not to cry.  There were many helper teachers in the room in case anyone was crying so I saw another buy crying when his Mom left and a teacher went to help hold him while his Mom left.  So I told a different teacher that I may need help with you so she said “I got him, you can go.”  So I walked out the door and stood around the corner and was tearing up.  I waited a minute and peeked back to look in the window but there were other parents doing the same thing so they shut the blinds so no one can look in.  They knew all the kids would be upset if they saw their parents still there.  So all I could do was leave.  I stood there in the hall feeling sad for a couple of minutes before I walked back to the car where Gigi and Owen was and started crying again.

Gigi helped me feel better by taking me to lunch and then in no time at all, it was time to go back to get you.  We went back to school and once again the door was shut and there was a line to wait.  I walked to the front to see if the blinds were open but they weren’t.  So I about to go back to wait and then the door opened and the teachers said “Come on in!”  As soon as the door opened, I saw you sitting at a table all nice just waiting like the other kids were for their parents to come back and get them.  Of course when I saw this I started tearing up again.  We went in and I gave you a big hug and asked you all about school.  The teacher made announcements and told us what you did that day.  I kept asking you throughout the day to tell me more and kept bugging you about school.  I just wanted to know everything.  Every last detail.  You said that you got to go to the gym to play hula hoops and had goldfish for a snack.  You said the teacher read the Kissing Hand and had you make a Kissing hand project.  You also colored an apple with crayons.

After school, we went to get ice cream with Papa and Gigi and Owen at Cupid Candies.  All in all, it was a successful first day of preschool!




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