Dear Blake,

Yesterday was your first day of PRESCHOOL!  I can’t believe I was taking my baby boy to school for his first day.  It was just a meet and greet day for one hour and I got to stay with you but it was still surreal.  We got to preschool and I took a couple of pictures with you before we walked in with your Mickey Mouse backpack on your back.  You were dressed up nice with your new shoes, ready to go for the first day.  You held my hand and we walked inside and we met your teachers, Ms. Anne and Ms. Debbie.  They had you find your name on a fish and take it to match with another fish on a board.  You were being shy but you found your name and did it.  Then I sat down to work on some paperwork about you and the teachers were talking to the parents while the kids played with toys on the carpet.  You were shy at first and then you picked up the toys and started playing.  You saw a box of Oreos on a table with some other snack you might have this year in school.  You whispered “Mama, they have Oreos here!”  The teacher had talked about going over to that table and showing your child what snacks they might have in preschool.  You were most excited about the oreos!  As the teachers were talking you whispered to me that you had to go potty.  I waited until the teachers were done talking and they said we should take our children in the bathroom so they know what to do in their since they cannot help the kids go to the bathroom.  The bathroom is right in the classroom so I took you in there and you were able to do everything by yourself!  Then we walked around the room and found your name on a lot of things.  It’s weird being on the parent end of everything.  For 10 years I have been on the teacher end and I know and appreciate how much time and effort goes into putting a classroom together and getting the kid’s names on everything.  It’s weird sitting there listening to the teacher talk about my child, when for so many years that was what my job was.

We talked to the teachers and you gave them each a present and they were so happy they gave you a hug!  Then I checked the board and there was information about a field trip you will be taking to a children’s farm!  We also signed up for a day they are going to celebrate your birthday in class.  After that we went to a little indoor playground area that all the kids were playing in.  You got to run around and play.  After that we left and went outside and took a picture I made with a frame that said “My first day of Preschool!”

The whole day was a success!  On Wednesday is your first real day by yourself.  I know there will be lots of tears (mostly on my end).  I hope you don’t cry because it will be very hard for me to keep it together, but I know I have to at least until I get out the door.  You will have such fun and make friends and learn a lot of things.  I just can’t believe this day is here…




4 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. This is beautiful, Erin. I really do believe he is ready. It’s going to be hard on you, but you will light up as you watch him experience school for the first time. He will grow up more this year than he has in any other. It will be a beautiful thing. 🙂

  2. This is so sweet! What a tender moment to share between you and your child. I can only imagine how it will feel to drop my baby off at their first day of school. Stay strong, brave mama!

  3. I know this sounds crazy but . . . I can’t believe he is in preschool either! I have enjoyed reading your letters to your son and when I saw the tittle I thought it can’t be! Anyway wonderful letter, and good luck on Wednesday!

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