“Bad word”

Dear Blake,

Yesterday was a very hard day for me because you said something as a 3 year old that I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about for a while….bad words.  Well not super bad or anything, but for a 3 year old, it’s a big deal.  You said…”stupid.”  To a lot of people that may not be a big deal, but to me, it is!  You are supposed to be my sweet innocent little sweetie Blakey, and everyday I feel that your innocence is slipping, even if it is just a little bit at a time.  You have recently started throwing fits and saying no, and not doing as we say.  I attribute that to the fact that you just became a big brother in the past month and a half, and your whole world has turned upside down.  But still…what happened to my innocent little baby?  I know that as you get older you will learn far worse words and things, but right now I’m trying to protect you from those words and things as best as a can.  It’s not like anyone every says that word to you, but maybe you heard someone talking and that word came out of their mouth and you learned it.  We never say bad words in front of you but that word is used fairly frequently by people in general that you could have heard it anywhere.  But it struck me deep when you said it.  I teared up, I started crying, I just about lost it.  I talked to you about it and how we don’t say words like that and how we need to talk nicely, but I knew as soon as I drew attention to it, that you would remember it even more.  I was really hoping that today you would not say that word at all and you would forget about it completely.  You did not say it and I can be relieved that at least for one day, you may have forgotten about it.  All I can do as your Mom is try to protect your innocence and talk to you about things as they come and keep teaching great values and behavior and to try my best.

I love you,



One thought on ““Bad word”

  1. Innocence…slipping away. I can completely relate to this and I feel your pain. I watch as my daughter, now 4, uses words and exhibits behaviors that I would expect of my 13-year old. I often find myself staring at her open mouthed- sometimes in awe, sometimes in horror- wondering where in the world she picked that up.

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