So big

Dear Blake,

Ever since Owen was born, you seem so big to me.  People tried to tell me this was going to happen but I couldn’t see it until Owen was born.  The night before he was born, I was at home rocking you to sleep and getting ready to go to the hospital and you were my little baby.  I rocked you to sleep and did all our usual night time routines.  I cherished every second and soaked it all in, knowing this would be the last time doing this with you as an only child.  Then Owen was born and you came to the hospital and I could see it.  I could see what everyone was talking about.  I could see how you were so big.  So big compared to this new baby that would be a part of our lives from now on.  You were not my little baby anymore.  It has been making me so emotional.  Slowly I know it will get better, but right now I just get so emotional knowing that you are not the little baby anymore.  I love you so much and you will always be our first baby!




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