Dear _____________

Dear Blake,

I have been trying to come up with ways to start doing this with your new baby brother when he comes.  I want to be able to write him a separate blog called “Dear ________” with his name (yet to be determined).  I know I will be able to continue writing to you both separately on each of your blogs, but when I do this writing challenge it will be hard to write on both and I can only post one to the website.  I am excited though to start this for your brother as well.  I plan on giving these to you as gifts maybe on your 18th birthday or when you go away to college.  I also thought about turning this blog into a book form, but then I thought it might be fun for you to read online.  I haven’t decided yet.  Either way, I hope you treasure this.  I’ve spent a lot of time writing to you and I hope you know how much I love you.  I hope you can look back on these memories of mine and know how much you are loved.

I love you,



3 thoughts on “Dear _____________

  1. You inspire me. Writing memories for two children so they have an account of their mother’s thoughts probably even after you can remember each day of their lives. In awe of you. So glad I will have another blog to follow.

  2. “Dear ______,” is a surprise to me. Did you post that earlier about a new baby brother? Congrats to all of you! You are a sweet mama, Erin. I think you were my favorite person to share comments back and forth. Bless you and your sweet family.
    D xo

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