Dear Blake,

Something that you’ve always enjoyed doing is watching videos of yourself on my phone or on the computer.  We’ve certainly done a lot of that in the past week while we were sick.  You keep asking me to sit in the bed and watch videos.  We watch all your old videos from when you were first born and family videos.  I used to love doing this when I was little, I still do.  We would watch all our old family videos on VHS.  I really enjoy doing this with you now.  It’s good quality time spent together.  I hope you continue to like doing this as you grow up as we add a lot more videos to our collection.




3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Erin,
    I just finished my own letter to my daughter and then came upon your slice…I remember reading about your slicing…letters to your son. It is a beautiful tribute to your little guy! I have to go back and reread your other slices! Thank you for sharing these inner most thoughts. He will surely treasure these love letters.

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