Egg hunt

Dear Blake,

I can’t wait until Easter with you this year.  We have been watching the Easter video a lot lately from last year when you had three different Easter egg hunts.  You had one at our house, then you went to one at our park district, then you had one and Papa and Gigi’s house.  Yesterday you were going around our house pointing out all the hiding places that the eggs were last year.  So now I know to hid the eggs somewhere different this year (I mean the Easter bunny will hid them).  This year we will have an egg hunt at our house in the morning and then go to Auntie Kitty’s house and she said she is making a big egg hunt in her big backyard.  You have been talking about this for weeks!  You even had Gigi bring out her plastic eggs to play with and practice hiding around her house.  It will be exciting to make it harder this year too.  I can’t wait to watch you find them and find the little prizes inside!




4 thoughts on “Egg hunt

  1. Hi, Erin! All kids love the concept of “hide and seek” whether it’s the whole body hiding or seeking fun things like Easter egg treats. My grandson loved both and still does. He’s 15 now. Enjoy your family traditions. It makes great conversations with children and grandchildren when they are grown. Especially touching for them to continue those traditions with their own children. D 🙂

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