Getting better

Dear Blake,

I think you are finally starting to feel better (knock on wood).  You kept food and drinks down today, despite being sick again last night.  I’m hoping tonight you aren’t sick at all.  Papa and Gigi took good care of you today and made sure you had everything you needed to have.  I’m looking forward to getting to spend the day with you tomorrow at home just resting.  Now I’m going to go to sleep because Mama is starting to not feel too good.  Will you take care of me if I’m sick?  I think you would be a good helper.

I love you,



6 thoughts on “Getting better

  1. I’m so glad Blake is finally beginning to feel better! Keeping my fingers crossed that you’re not getting sick. Hopefully youre just worn out and tired from the stress of the past few days!

  2. So glad to hear Blake is on the mend. Hope it continues and you stay well also. Perhaps your Spring is here after all.

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