Just. So. Tired.

Dear Blake,

I’m writing this letter so late tonight, it’s been the longest and roughest day, for you and me.  You poor thing have been put through the ringer.  Today was the worst.  Just when I thought you were getting better, you threw up a bunch of times today, coughing so hard I thought you couldn’t breathe, then us taking you back to the doctor and them giving you a new diagnosis.  What. A. Day.  Mama is exhausted, and I know you are too.  This won’t even be a long letter because I just need to go to bed.  Taking care of a sick baby is very tiring, as I’m sure you’ll learn one day when you have your own kids.  It’s been emotionally draining, with me being so worried for six days now and today I didn’t even know what to do anymore.  I just wanted you to get better.  Then cleaning up all the throw up and taking care of you, I didn’t even eat all day.  So we took you back to the doctor and they discovered that you had an ear infection all along and a sinus infection on top of the RSV that they said you had.  What. In. The. World.  You poor thing must think that we are going to be going to the doctor everyday now.  I promise we won’t be taking you back for a while (I hope), or at least until May when you have to get your 3 year shots (poor baby).  So we stopped at McDonald’s so Mama could eat her first meal of the day and you could get an ice cream treat.  I hope that makes you feel better and happy, I promise we will not go to the doctor tomorrow.  Just. So. Tired.

Must. Go. To. Bed.




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