No doctor today

Dear Blake,

I’m a worried mess.  I know you’re probably fine, but of course I worry.  Yesterday you started to get a cold and today you woke up and were coughing a lot and gagging and had teary eyes and sneezing.  It was worse than yesterday but you had no fever.  I have been thinking about you all day and worried about you and wondering whether I should take you to the doctor.  I know if I take you they will just tell me you’re fine because you have no fever.  So I know I probably shouldn’t take you, but I probably will.  I mentioned this to you this morning and you kept saying “no doctor today, no doctor today.”  I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it (lesson learned).  I just want you to be ok, it’s my job, it’s what I do.




5 thoughts on “No doctor today

  1. I hope Blake feels better, It’s always a hard call whether to take them in. You have to let your mommy instincts lead your decision. I could feel your struggle in this piece.

  2. Such a hard decision … always is… I know whenever I decided to take my babies in… the dr. always said “Let’s watch and wait!” I hope he feels better soon!

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