Book Books Books!

Dear Blake,

Today I got Scholastic Book Orders to pass out to my students!  I love getting these catalogs to pass out because it reminds me of my childhood.  The students get very excited about these catalogs, they want to look through them and circle books that they want to get.  I remember being a kid and getting these in school and being so excited to take them home and show my Mom and Dad to see if we can order any!  Auntie Stephie asked me the other day if I get those catalogs to pass out to my students and I said yes, and she asked if she could have some to look through as well.  I hope you get these when you go to school.  I know you’ll be just as excited to bring them home and show me what books you want so we can order them.  Until then, I’ll just look through them myself and order books for you!




8 thoughts on “Book Books Books!

  1. First off, I love the theme and style of your blog. What a terrific idea!! I remember those too! That was probably one of the best days was getting the order form and seeing what all I could order. When the book fair came to school, I couldn’t wait for our class’ turn to get into the library and see everything! Love this post!

  2. Man–scholastic was my jam! I loved book orders and now I love them as a teacher–thinking about the freebies I can get!

  3. I also had the feeling as a kid and I know my children also had the same feeling because I would observe them spend their time looking over and over the books from which they could order from.

  4. The Scholastic flyers are awesome! They represented so many possibilities for reading! I loved getting those flyers as a student and I still love seeing those flyers in my mailbox at school.

  5. omg- I love book orders!!! So much so that when I left the classroom it was one of the things I missed most. lol
    Now, as a kindergarten parent, I run the book order for her teacher. It might make a good slice. Thanks!

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