New room

Dear Blake,

We are working on changing our house around to get ready for your brother.  This Saturday we will be moving furniture around and switching  your room to our room and our room to the loft.  We will be installing a door to the loft and covering up the open walls.  But the most worrisome thing is that you will be moving into a new room.  I’m excited to get ready for the baby, but I feel sad for you.  I don’t want you to be upset.  I mean, everything you know up until this point will be switched and changed.  I keep talking to you about it so it won’t be such a shock, but how could it not be?  You will be moving from a toddler bed, to a big boy bed, you will get a whole new room, all of your things will be moved.  I just hope you understand.  I want you to be happy.  I know you will love it but I just worry you will feel bad, like we are stripping you of everything you’ve ever known.  It is a pretty cool room if I do say so myself.  We painted a road on the wall!  You already go in there and want to drive your cars and trucks on the road wall.  So I know you will forget about everything that I’m worried about and you will have new adventures in your new room.




5 thoughts on “New room

  1. What a precious time this is for you and your family. I hope you really give this letter to Blake or at least keep it for him when he is older. It is such a sweet testament to your love for him.

  2. Your show so much caring on your letter to Blake by wondering if the change will be ok. As adults I think we forget how short kids’ attention spans are. But I ended your piece thinking how lucky Blake is to have someone who talks it out and explains it and makes the new place so special by painting a road on the wall. A+ for you!!

  3. It’s kind of like graduation–he’s is moving on to something bigger and better. Plus, who wouldn’t want a road painted on the wall? Lucky boy!

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