Dear Blake,

It’s a bright and sunny day and beautiful outside.  This week has been perfect weather.  Yesterday we took you for a walk in your wagon for the first time this year and went to the park!  We have been cooped up inside so long that you were so over the top happy to be outside!  You couldn’t even stop smiling and laughing as we walked there and you played.  You got to do all your favorite things like play on the slides and swings.

I missed being outside with you.  I feel like it’s been forever!  All I want to do everyday now is get outside and take a walk and go to the park and play outside with your toys.  You are happier and everyone is happier!  It feels so good to go outside and go for a walk and play.  I can’t wait until after school today so we can go play!




4 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Erin, your letters make me sad and happy at the same time. I am happy for you to have so many things ahead of you. I am sad because it goes by so quick. Enjoy Blake!

  2. Erin, your letter is just beautiful in its simplicity and happiness. I, too, am SO excited to get my two little ones out in the gorgeous weather we’ve been having! Enjoy Spring and all the new memories you and your son make together!

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