Famous Mama

Dear Blake,

Today your Mama is famous…well kind of.  You will learn one day that I love the Eric and Kathy show on the radio in the morning.  Today was perfect because now only is it my birthday (yay!) but I got to be on the radio this morning.  I didn’t have to drive you to Grandma’s house today so I wasn’t listening to my usual children’s CD of songs that we listen to every time you are in the car.  Today I got to listen to my radio show!  I couldn’t believe what they were talking about when I tuned in…WAYS TO ANNOY A PREGNANT WOMAN.  How fitting!  How perfect!  In fact, yesterday I was told (for the second time) that I looked BIG.  Someone actually said to me again, “Wow you have three months left?  You’re already BIG!”  Last time it was “Are you sure you’re not due anyday?  You look like you’re having twins!”  This being the second time this has happened to me in a matter of a few weeks, I’m naturally FED UP!  Yes I know, I’m BIG!  Thank you for noticing!  Thank you for stating the obvious!

When they were talking about this on the radio this morning, I just knew I had to call in to tell about how this just happened to me yesterday.  I had never been on the radio so I was nervous and actually thought about hanging up.  Maybe I shouldn’t do this.  Maybe I should just keep this to myself.  Nah!  I decided it was time people knew this is not ok!  I called in and told my story and they were shocked that someone could actually say this to me.  I told my family that I was going to be on the radio and to tune in.  But in a matter of seconds, other people were messaging me and texting me that they heard me on the radio!

I’m glad I called in and did that.  I’m glad I shared my story.  Even though it’s kind of funny now that people actually have the guts and nerves to say those things to a pregnant woman, people also need to know that it is not ok.

So moral of the story is:

1.  Your Mama had her 15 seconds of fame.

2.  Never tell a pregnant lady she is BIG.

3.  Be nice to me today, it’s my birthday.


Your Mama


9 thoughts on “Famous Mama

  1. Erin, I always listen to Eric and Kathy, and I didn’t this morning! So mad I missed it! Good for you for calling in. People don’t realize how rude that sounds!

    Happy birthday today! And, you really do look beautiful – don’t listen to them.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    People say the worst,stupidest things to pregnant women. When I was five months pregnant, a guy told me that I didn’t look pregnant just fat…. I spent a lot of time inand out of the hospital because of my pre-eclampsia. One nurse saw my belly and my stretch marks and said,”Oh, my god. Those are the worst stretch marks I have ever seen.They’re so red and angry.”. Gee, thanks.

    Congrats on your new found fame! 🙂

  3. Good for you, Erin, and Happy Birthday to you! It’s good to speak your mind on occasion and feel that your voice was heard. Was it ever! 😉 I had a first grader years ago give me a hug on the playground and say, “Mrs. B, are you pregnant or just fat.” Now that comment definitely deserves a radio comment. I was not pg! ha! D 🙂

  4. People really are stupid. At my co-ed baby shower, a longtime family friend told me I was huge. I already knew I was big, but I certainly didn’t need to be reminded that day.

    Happy birthday! Eat an extra piece of cake!

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