Dear Blake,

You are a very lucky boy, you have not been sick very often, and really have not had any major illnesses.  But even if you only get small colds, it doesn’t stop me from worrying.  The past couple of days we think you might have a small sickness but we are not sure.  (I’ll spare you the details.)  Anytime something small happens or something out of the ordinary, I start worrying.  Now I get why Moms and Dads worry.  I never really understood it until I had you, but now I get it.  I’ll always worry about you, even when you’re my age and beyond.  Now I get why my Mom and Dad worry about me still.  It’s something that is born within us when you have a child of your own.  So when you get older and you think, gosh Mom, why are you worrying about me?  Just try to understand what I’ve just told you.

Hopefully I’ll take you to the doctor and everything will be fine, but I’ll still be glad I took you and I’m sure I’ll start worrying about something else, but I’m your Mama, it’s what I do.

I love you,



3 thoughts on “Worries

  1. And then I’ll start worrying about something else. that’s the truth, isn’t it? I remember after Maddie was born, I wrote in an email to a friend: Why didn’t anyone ever tell me I could feel love like this? Your post reminds me of that, except the flipside is: Why didn’t anyone ever tell me I could feel worry like this?

    Hope Blake is okay!

  2. So true, Erin. I always start to worry the minute Ava starts sniffling or coughing. I think the worst. And then, of course, like you said I’ll just worry about something else. That’s what we do. I totally understand now when my mom always said (and still says) “you’re my daughter. I’ll always worry.”

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