Sleeping in

Dear Blake,

Thank you this morning for letting me sleep in.  Your Dadda and I take turns waking up early with you on the weekends because no matter what time you go to bed, you still get up at 6:30am.  Yesterday I woke up with you and so this morning it was my turn to sleep in.  Well I realized that I got cheated out of an hour because we had to “spring forward” and change the clocks.  I still got to sleep in though and it was so nice.  Usually you will run around and get every toy out and talk real loud and I can’t sleep in anyways but this morning you were unusually quiet.  I think you knew that we are celebrating my birthday and that it was Mama’s day so you would be nice and let me have a few hours of quiet time to rest.  Thank you for that.




6 thoughts on “Sleeping in

  1. Happy Birthday Erin! I remember those days of trading off who sleeps in. Though you may gain sleep as Blake gets older, cherish the these days as you can never go back. 🙂

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