This Bear


Dear Blake,

This is the bear that you got when Mama lost your old bear

This bear, that Dadda brought home as a replacement

This bear, that comforts you when you’re hurt

This bear, that was blue

This bear, that you rub his nose for comfort

This bear, that needs baths quite often

This bear, that is not quite so blue anymore

This bear, that trumps all other stuffed animals you have

This bear, that goes everywhere with you

This bear, that you sleep with

This bear, that you can’t be without

This bear, that you hide in your pretend kitchen in the microwave and thinks its hilarious to find him in there

This bear, that Mama sets up in different places and makes you laugh

This bear, that we once took away when you wouldn’t go poop on the potty (don’t judge, it was a moment of weakness and we didn’t know what else to do and now we will never do that again.)

This bear, that you say “Mama, you don’t want to take my bear away?” everytime you go poop in your diaper now (no, Mama will never take him away again, I’m sorry)

This bear, that is part of our family

This bear, that is your best pal

This bear, that makes you the happiest

This bear, this special bear that one day when you’re older you will find in a box and keep it forever in a special place

We love you bear




15 thoughts on “This Bear

  1. Erin! Hands down, my favorite of your Slices yet! I can’t tell you how much I love this. I love the sentiment, the repetition. And I love the bit about taking the bear away and how honestly you wrote about that.

    Can I use this as one of my “Be Inspired” posts later this month when I’m hosting the challenge? Please email me if that is okay.

  2. I love this post! I’m so glad Dana asked to use it as a Be Inspired because I was just about to email her to tell her that this would be a great one. I too loved the sentiment and how you included all of those honest parts (even about diapers!) throughout. Beautiful writing!

  3. I have goose bumps!!!! What a beautiful, gorgeous slice! I love the repeating line. I love the sentiment. I love the apology for taking away the beloved Bear. I love ALL of it. Blake is a lucky little boy to have such a poetic, honest, writer for a Mama.

  4. This is an absolutely wonderful post. I too love how you played with words and emotions. I too love that bear for all the joy he brings you all. So glad you found him!

  5. The importance of a bear! I love when you referred to it as part of your family. How awesome that Blake will always know how special and important that bear was to him at one time. Not so blue anymore you say? Paints a great picture of just how much Blake carries his little buddy around. Cute slice!

  6. that’s very sweet! I had a stuffed dog that I took everywhere with me – and it is in a box with my other baby things in my room 🙂 don’t ever give it away, Blake; it holds so many memories!

  7. Congrats, Erin! A special slice of life, for sure. I’m happy for you as it is more than poetic but “real” to all of us as the Velveteen Rabbit became “real.” D 🙂

  8. This is a slice to be cherished for always. The repetition of “this bear” brought your writing to life and touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

  9. So glad I read this “be inspired” tonight as it surely inspired! Just clicking on your page and seeing the baby feet got me! And I am a huge bear lover, having a special collection of teddy bears growing up. My son had a favorite bear for a little bit but then preferred “Puppy” and my daughter,funny enough, has a stuffed mouse she loves. No bears. But your “this bear” is so beautiful. The part where your son asks not to have his bear taken away is so honest and makes me ache for him but no judgement at all because I HAVE BEEN THERE! I want to go back and read your other slices. How lovely to have letters for your son- what a cherished keepsake that will be, just like “this bear.” 🙂

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