Dear Blake,

Your Dadda and I signed you up for preschool for the fall.  We are very excited for you to be going!  It’s two days a week for two and a half hours.  We know that you do not really need to go for the academic portion but more so for the social aspect.  You do not really have any little buddies or friends at this stage but this is because you are an only child, no cousins (yet), and we do not really have time to have regular play dates because your Dadda and I both work and your Gigi’s watch you throughout the week.  I can’t wait for you to have little buddies from school.  I know you will come home and tell me about this boy or girl you played with that day or who you sat next to or what they did or said.  I can’t wait to start inviting little friends to your birthday party or to our house to play.  I’m very excited for you to have other kids to talk to and relate to.

I know as well that when the day comes next fall for us to take you to your first day of preschool, I will be a mess.  I will probably cry more than you do.  I will watch you walk into the class with your little backpack and start your journey without me.  It’s a hard thing as a Mom to process but I know it will be good for you and I know it’s for the best.  I love you and that’s why I will have to let go a little bit.  Just a little…




8 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. Erin, your thoughts echo mine exactly. I was so happy for Maddie and Katie to have little friends, and they did come home and talk about them. But, it was very hard to let them go. Very hard.

    Preschool made a world of difference in Maddie, especially. She’s like Blake and didn’t need the academic part. She really grew up and matured a lot (in a good way) from it. 🙂

    I’ll be here when you need to cry!

  2. I love the letter have created. One day, he will appreciate it. Next fall will be the beginning of little ‘letting go’ moments. In the fall, I will be letting go of our daughter going to college. Keep talking with him always. Delightful post.

  3. It is hard to let go. I love the way you ended your letter, “just a little”. I am still having to let go of my sons, just a little bit more each day it seems. I love the letters for your son idea! I hope you continue. What a precious gift!

  4. I enjoy reading your letters. I applaud you for staying true to your form. What a sweet time for you and your family. It is wonderful when the little ones start making friends. It always warms my heart to see them so loyal to each other. Enjoy.

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