Look there’s Heaven!

Dear Blake,

You are fortunate enough to have so many “Gigi’s” (Grandmas) in your life, in fact until recently you had three Gigi’s and three Great-Gigi’s!  Not many people have that many in their life!  However, few weeks ago one of your Great-Gigi’s passed away.  You were lucky enough to be able to go to the hospital to say goodbye the night before she passed.  We spent time in her hospital room together as a family, and I’m so grateful to have been able to do that.  After she passed, we had to go to her house and help my Mom look for some papers and things (since my Grandpa is no longer living as well.)  It was hard to explain to you that we would be going to her house but Great-Gigi would not be there.  I told you she was in heaven, sleeping with the angels, and that she wouldn’t be at the house anymore and I think you kind of understood. When we went to the wake and funeral and you saw her laying in the casket, we once again told you that she was sleeping with the angels.

Now let me explain that you are a very smart boy and you know so many things that a normal two year old might not know.  One thing you know is how to read words on signs now, so when we drive past any place you will shout out the name because you read the sign!  Great-Gigi’s wake was at Lawn Funeral home in Orland Park.  You must have remembered the sign when we were there, but we never told you the name of it.

One day I was driving past Lawn funeral home in Tinley Park (same place but different location).  You must have seen the sign in the front that said Lawn Funeral home and you started shouting “Look Mama, you see that place over there?!”

I said, “Yeah I see it.”

You said, “That’s Heaven!”

It took me a minute to process what you were talking about.

I said, “That’s heaven?  What do you mean?”

You said, “That’s heaven, Great-Gigi lives there.  She’s sleeping with the angels.”

In your own way, you saw heaven that day.  In your own way, you understood where Great-Gigi is.




5 thoughts on “Look there’s Heaven!

  1. Little ones constantly amaze me with their openness to possibilities. What a special moment for him- it’s something he will carry with him- his way of finding peace and making sense of this world. Sad topic, great slice.

  2. So beautiful…it truly is amazing what little ones hold onto- I love the set up of this piece, with such a sweet ending of a tough memory.

  3. Erin, this is first of all, amazing that Blake made the connection between the signs! And second of all, such a sweet story. “There’s heaven!” – I love it! Sweet, sweet Blake. 🙂

  4. You set this piece up beautifully, Erin. I love that Blake can make a positive connection to a place that causes adults such sorrow. His comment will make me think twice the next time I drive by a specific funeral home.

  5. I just had such a strong reaction to your piece, Erin! Wow. Blake has reminded us, as children are so good at doing, how brilliant and emotional he is! Well written. I was eating it up!

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