You’re two!

Dear Blake,

Tomorrow you turn two!  I can’t even believe you are having your 2nd birthday.  You have brought your Dadda and I so much joy and laughter and happiness everyday.  I can’t imagine my life without you.  I can’t even remember what life was like without you.  All I want to do is make you happy.  I take you places all the time and we go on adventures.  On Saturday was your birthday party.  “Applebody” was there (you would say).  It was a balloon themed party because those are your most favorite things ever.  We had cake and presents and your Dadda and I bought you a slide playset!  I’m so glad we could have that party for you.  On Sunday we just opened all your new toys and played outside.  You played on your slide and in your pool and with your water table.  Today we went to the zoo and then to a splash pad park.  Tomorrow I’m taking you to lunch at the train place and get some ice cream and then take you to the pool.  That’s my favorite thing to do is do things with you to make you happy. 

You are the funniest little boy, you always make me laugh.  Sometimes you don’t mean to, but you end up doing something funny.  You talk to your bear and say “Hi bear, whatcha doing today?”  Then I make the bear ask you that and you tell him all the things you did that day. 

You are the absolute smartest 2 year old I know…you know all your letters and numbers and colors and shapes.  You can speak in sentences that are longer than 7 words put together, even your doctor says that’s amazing.  You can sing the whole alphabet and recognize all letters and numbers and read them.  You can count backward and forwards to 20 and even by 10’s!  You can do puzzles with ease and upsidedown!  You know what a red light, green light, and yellow light means.  You know all the animals and what sounds they say.  You know what a plus sign and minus sign and equal sign means.  You can play on my phone and tablet and know how to make it work (things I didn’t know until college!)  You even know your right and left. I could go on and on about all the things you can do and say. 

Everyday I think there’s no way I could love you more and then I do.  You’re my sweetie boy.  You’re my everything.  There’s not a day that passes that I don’t want you right there with me, no matter what I’m doing.  I love you so much Blakey!  Thanks for making me so happy! I’m just trying to return the happiness you’ve given me.




4 thoughts on “You’re two!

  1. I just loved it when you said… you just want to make him happy! I know exactly what that feels like! And my goodness your son is very very smart…how lucky your son is to have you and his daddy!

  2. I’m just trying to return the happiness you’ve given me… such a beautiful line, Erin. And so true, isn’t it? I guess that’s what we’re trying to do. Happy birthday, Blake!!

  3. This line “Everyday I think there’s no way I could love you more and then I do,” sums it up pretty much. Even though my own kids are much older, that is they way I still feel – at least MOST days!

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