White Fence Farm

Dear Blake,

Today we are going to a place from my childhood. We are going to White Fence Farm to have dinner with my whole family!  This place is very old but it reminds me if when I was little. They have a petting zoo and games in the lobby. The games are very old…there is a chicken game where you put in a quarter and the chicken lays an egg. Inside the egg is a prize. There is a fortune telling machine and we always said it was like the machine from the movie “Big.” 
They are known for their fried chicken and corn fritters…oh my gosh!  I wish you would eat these things but we will probably have to bring other things for you because you won’t eat that.
One day when you’re older I hope this place is still around because I want you too have the same fun memories of going there.



3 thoughts on “White Fence Farm

  1. Have a great day! Be sure to take pictures of him there, places have a sad tendency to disappear and close these days. Hopefully White Fence Farm sticks around, it’s an institution around these parts. Enjoy!

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