Dear Blake,

The theme of these week has been “exposure to new things.”  I have been trying to do a new thing with you every day off my spring break. Yesterday your Dadda and I took you to the Dupage Children’s Museum and it was fantastic!  There was so much to do and see and explore. It was the best children’s museum I’ve ever seen!  Your favorite exhibits was the giant water table with toys and rubber ducks in it. You also liked the glow in the dark sticks. I can’t wait to bring you back this summer!  Today we are going to visit great grandma and bring her lunch.
Tonight while you are sleeping, Mama has wine club with her friends. We just started it last month and decided that someone would host it at their house each month. My Mom used to have bunco night once a month with her friends. When she had it at our house it was the best because she made all sorts of food and we got to sneak down and have some of it. Then we would play board games with my Dad while we listened to all the ladies downstairs laugh and talk.  Maybe one day when Mama hosts wine club you will be so excited to sneak downstairs and get food and then go upstairs to play games with Dadda.



4 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. My mom had bunco when I was little, too, and I remember my sister and I peeking our heads around the corner, watching the ladies laugh and play! I think Blake will love your wine nights!

  2. I rarely do MNO. (Though I am doing a painting class with one of my friends next month from 7 – 9 p.m. so that should be fun.) I think it’s great that you and your friends do that. It’s so important!

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