22 months old!

Dear Blake,

Today you are 22 months old!  I can’t believe in 2 months you will be 2.  We won’t be counting your age by months anymore. You will be a big boy.
We are celebrating by taking you to the Dupage Children’s Museum!  I heard it’s supposed to be a great museum…Maybe we will even visit my old college nearby and walk around downtown Naperville if it’s nice.
Here are some things you are doing at 22 months:
– eat with a spoon and fork from a bowl
– drink from a straw
– dance
– say lots of words and sentences that have 5 or 6 words
– read books
– know all your letters and numbers and starting to learn letter sounds
– loves balloons
– says I love you
– play fetch with Tike

And many other things!



4 thoughts on “22 months old!

  1. Erin, It is so wonderful that you wrote down these things that Blake is doing at this age. I didn’t do this for Audrey and I can’t remember when she did anything. What a gift for him!

  2. It’s a post like today’s that reminds me how sweet and important what you’re doing is. This will be preserved for him to read. It’s the best baby book he could ever get. 🙂

  3. Love this! I feel like I want to do this too:) I am obsessed with capturing all her firsts and favorites! This vacation was no excpetion! He is going to love reading these love letters when he gets older!

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