Not the plan

Dear Blake,

Let me just start by saying the people at Starbucks are so nice…
Yesterday when I took you to the mall to meet Auntie Kitty, it just did not go as planned.
First you didn’t want to go in the stroller.  So I let you walk.
Then you didn’t want to wear your gloves but it was cold out.  I put them on anyway and you screamed.
You didn’t like any of the lunch I bought for you.
Everytime we walked into a store you stopped at the door and said “no, no.”
You wanted to ride one of the little rides but then when I put you on it you screamed no that you wanted to come out.
And to top it all off when we were getting Starbucks, you were pretending to pour your juice into a glass cup and the glass fell off the shelf and broke all over…the people at Starbucks were so nice. I insisted that I pay for the glass but they kept saying no it happens all the time don’t worry about it.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned but we sure had a good time still…it was very entertaining.  I still will take you places no matter what happens because you will learn how to behave and you do have some fun.



3 thoughts on “Not the plan

  1. I remember many trips out just as you describe, but I don’t remember being able to maintain your apparent sense of calm and humor. I always love reading your letters even though I have a nagging regret about not having done this for my boys.

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