No shots

Dear Blake,
Last night Dadda hurt his ankel pretty bad playing basketball so he’s home from work today. We had to take him to the doctor so we dropped him off and I took you grocery shopping by myself. I knew I had to be prepared so I got you a donut at the Dunkin donuts in the store so you can eat it while we shopped. Well that lasted about 5 minutes until we got to the deli. You were done with your donut and luckily the nice man asked if you wanted a piece of cheese. Of course!
So that lasted another 2 minutes. So I whipped out my phone and you got to watch videos I’ve taken off you. That lasted until I was done shopping.
Dadda called and I had to go pick him up, he was done. I payed and loaded the groceries and you in the car.
I’m pretty proud of myself to do that all by myself with you. It doesn’t seem hard, but it really is.
When we picked up Dadda you said “Dadda no shots today.” You’re right buddy, no shots today. You were worried about Dadda. He’s going to be alright.


4 thoughts on “No shots

  1. So true- grocery shopping is hard with a child with you. Matt stop trusting me to go to the grocery story with just Audrey because I turned into an airhead and didn’t buy anything we need- I would just wonder around the store then have to keep going back during the week. Congrats on making it through.

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