While you are sleeping

Dear Blake,

The alarm buzzes

It’s 4:30am

I grab my clothes and tiptoe down the hallway

I sneak around the creak in the floor

Hoping you will not wake

I grab the railing to go downstairs

Holding on tight so the stairs don’t squeak

I made it down safe

I pop in the DVD

It’s way to early for Jillian Michaels

But she is motivating

I believe her

She says “push, you can do this!”

More like yelling

I break a sweat

Still trying not to wake you

Burpees are my nightmare

A half-hour goes by

I’m done

Sneak back upstairs

Turn on the shower

By now you are stirring

I get ready and make breakfast

When all is done I go in your room

You say “Mama!”

Best start to my day

All this before you start your day

I have to, so I can play with you later

Getting things done so I can spend time with you

While you’re awake





4 thoughts on “While you are sleeping

  1. Such a neat structure in your writing. The going between your work out and Blake sleeping/stirring. I was there with you….well not really because I would never be up at 4:30 a.m.!!! I’m so impressed!!!

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