Dear Blake,

One thing I’ve learned about being a parent is that it takes a lot of preparation…especially when going out to eat.  Yesterday on a whim, your Dadda asked me if I wanted to meet him at Mindy’s with you for dinner.  Well, the real reason is because he had taken you there before and he videotaped you eating an ice cream cone…then you accidentally deleted it off his phone.  So Dadda really wanted to get a new video of this.  So we met him at Mindy’s.

In order to go out to eat, we need to:

-prepare cups and snacks and backup food to bring (because you don’t eat anything but “choioli’s”)

-make sure our phones are charged so that you can watch your “videos” when you start to get fussy in the high chair

-try to pick something off the menu that you will enjoy (which is very limited)

-have plenty of wipes on hand

-have an activity ready so that when you’re done eating you can play with it

-not have a cup of water with a straw in your eyesight.  You will say “this, this, this” until we give it to you so that you can play with the straw and water goes everywhere.

-eat quickly (once you’re done, we have to get the bill and leave)

*newly added idea – get you an ice cream cone

You now can hold an ice cream cone and that is pure entertainment for about 4 minutes.






3 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. This is so true!! My goodness! Every single time I take Josh out I have to super prepare. We went to Uncle Julio’s the other night, and it was tough! PS- I saw that video and was wondering where you went for ice cream. Now I know!!

  2. So true- going out to eat with kids is so much work. Loved the eat quickly one-you have to. We always look up menus online before we go so we know exactly what to order. There is no time to make a leisurely decision.

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