Dear Blake,

Last night I got to thinking that you might be starting to crawl out of your crib soon.  So I looked it up online to see what we do when this happens.  I came across hilarious youtube videos of babies “escaping” from their cribs.  These babies, some as young as 16 months, were climbing over the rails with ease and hopping to the ground.  Parents had discovered that this was happening so they decided to secretly tape their child doing this at night. 

I couldn’t believe how many videos there was on this.  I found myself watching video after video of these hilarious babies escaping and their parents not sure what to do.

I didn’t really find an answer to my question, but I did find some pure entertainment. 

I guess when you start to climb out of your crib I will just start videotaping you…at least it will entertain me.




3 thoughts on “Escapee

  1. Erin, when I saw your title, I thought for sure that he had already escaped! I’ve seen those videos – they’re hilarious. My girls never escaped. I think I beat them to the punch by putting them in toddler beds before they had the chance!

  2. My kids never escaped either. Similar to Dana in that I put the mattress on the floor first. I, however, did. My mom had surgery and actually had to teach me to crawl out of my crib since she couldn’t pick me up. Thanks for sharing, I may look up some of those videos now!!

  3. Erin, I love that you watched the videos of the kids escaping. If Blake decides to become an escape artist, he will be fine. Audrey would climb out and fall onto the hardwood floors and she’s still fine!

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