Disney World

Dear Blake,

This summer we are taking you to Disney World!  I’m so excited I am already planning  things to bring and things to do.  We’ve never traveled with a toddler before so it will be a new experience.  I’ve been to Disney over 27 times in my life and never with a baby.  Papa and Gigi and Dadda and Auntie Stephie and Uncle Colin will be with us but I’m still kind of nervous. 

For the plane, I have things prepared already.  I’ve started gathering games and activities for you to do so you do not cry and disrupt the plane. Of course we are bringing episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on DVD.  I think that will distract you for at least an hour.   I even saw an idea that I can put together some goodie bags for people that sit around in in case you cry, to make them feel better about their flight.  In the bag it has things like ear plugs and chocolate to make them happier. 

For Disney, we need to get one of those fans with a water sprayer because we are going in August so it will be even hotter than expected.  I’m also bringing all my favorite Disney accessories like my trading pins (yes I know, I’m a Disney nerd!)  I’m hoping to get you into these things as well.  I found my old character autograph book that I will be donating to you so you can get some autographs. 

I can’t wait to see you meet Mickey mouse and chip and dale (your favorites) for the first time.

I can’t wait until you see the castle for the first time.

I can’t wait to bring you on rides.

I can’t wait until you try your first mickey bar, mickey shaped waffle, mickey shaped pizza, etc.

I can’t wait to have the maid set up your stuffed animals (guys) and we come in the room and you find them set up some way.

I can’t wait to ride the monorail with you.

I can’t wait until you get so tired that we are coming back to the hotel late at night and you are sleeping on my lap on the bus.

I can’t wait to buy you a souvenir.

I can’t wait to get you a mickey balloon (your favorite thing in the world!)

I can’t wait until August and I know I will remember it forever.




7 thoughts on “Disney World

  1. I heard of that idea for the ear plugs on the plane!! What a fantastic idea!! =) I am so happy that you are taking Blake to your favorite place in the whole wide world! The place you got engaged too!!

  2. Oh, Erin, this time will be special! I remember the times I took my daughter so much more clearly than without her. I’m hoping to go with my daughter and grand kids someday.

  3. I love the list of favorites you have in you have in your slice! I don’t know why, but I love the one about riding the monorail together. I guess it’s because I’ve ridden monorails and I think a little boy would absolutely love those! That’s my favorite AND the one where you can’t wait for Blake to see the castle for the first time. Magical!!!

  4. 27 times?! Did I read that right? That is some serious devotion to all things Disney. This slice is so sweet, as pretty much every single one of your slices is.

  5. I like the set-up, Erin. Planning to plane to walking in the room to stuffed animals to what you are excited about. Sounds as magical as Disney. You have been there over 27 times – wow! You will have a lot to share with Blake! Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear about it when you come back to school!

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