Bad morning

Dear Blake,

Today turned out to be a great morning….until…

– I realized I forgot to wear green.

– I was getting out of the car and my coffee went flying all over.

– Realizing I just deep cleaned my car over the weekend and now it’s all ruined!

– Now I have NO COFFEE!


I hope my day turns around.  I know it will once I get to see you.




6 thoughts on “Bad morning

  1. Hey I was there for this!! So, a friend told me that blue was actually the original color that was used to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but they changed it because of the Emerald Isle. Having said that, I saw you are wearing blue today!! Must have been on purpose!?! Also, I still have that 5 hour energy…just saying!!

  2. It’s interesting that you chose to write this piece in a letter format … I know it’s only Monday, but hopefully tomorrow will give you a better start. Take care!

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