Great Gigi

Dear Blake,
You are lucky enough to have 3 great grandmas. The other day I took you to see one of your great grandmas. We haden’t seen her since Christmas and she was so excited!  When we first got there you were so shy you clung to my legs.  But then you started to warm up and run around her house exploring everything.
First I had to put up the plants because the last time we were there you knocked down one of her plants and water went all over the carpet. You found her watering cans, she has two, and you carried them around and watered all of her fake flowers.
Then you got into her stash of chocolate and really wanted to eat all of them so I let you eat one.
You found her little garden pinwheel and started spinning the wheel over and over.
When we had to go she was sad but I told her we would come back over spring break and visit again and bring her some lunch.
When we got home all you could talk about was all the things you did at Great Grandma’s house! 
I can’t wait to take you back!


4 thoughts on “Great Gigi

  1. SOL2014 – I was reminded of the little things our children want us to so desperately matter, the finding of the chocolate, the watering of all that is beautiful (fake flowers) and the intent of a mom and dad who want their children to know the people that matter to them most – great snippet of an important relationship between kids and their grandparents

  2. I bet Grandma Gigi loved every minute of Blake’s mischievousness. This is so awesome… that Blake is fortunate enough to have a relationship and make memories with his Great Grandma. I could picture him watering the fake plants. Too stinking cute. 🙂

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