Dear Blake,
This was taken at church when we tried to bring you on Christmas morning. We hadn’t been to church in a while because we weren’t sure how you would be. We decided to be brave on Christmas.
We got in and you had a scared look on your face as we sat down. A song came on and you instantly lit up…you love music!  As the song ended the whole church got silent and there was a pause…you yelled out “Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”  The entire church started laughing.  Later on in the homily, the priest referenced you by saying “That is what Christmas is all about…the little boy in the back of the church yelling out “Yayyyyyyy!”  Christmas is about rejoicing.”
How could I be embarrassed?!  You made the homily and taught others about what Christmas is about!  Always making us laugh too…

I love you,


3 thoughts on “Yayyyyyy!

  1. That is so sweet!!! I love the cheering for the end of beautiful songs! I love that he brought it up!! I love the pure innocence of children. I want our kids and students to hold onto that for as long as they can!!

  2. I’m so glad you were brave and brought him – see, it turned out more than ok! It’s so cute that he celebrated and how welcoming of your priest to acknowledge his little voice!

  3. My kids are beast in church usually but Christmas is magical. One is under a spell of crowds and the other brings spectators to entertain him. So sweet this Blake moment!

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