Dear Blake,

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have a son that loves to read as much as I do.  Your love of books astounds me.  You just took to it naturally.  I didn’t have to teach you that.  As soon as you could sit up on your own and crawl, you went right to the bookshelf in the playroom and started taking books off the shelf.  You started looking through them.  Wanting to look at the same ones over and over.  Then when you could walk, you started bringing one to me, wanting me to pick you up and put you on my lap, read it to you, and then take the book back and grab another one…and the cycle would go on. 

A few weeks ago, you took one of your favorite word books and brought it to me and sat on my lap and started reading all by yourself.  I couldn’t help but tear up a little but didn’t let you hear me because you might get worried you did something wrong.  When you finished the book, you picked up the other three that were a part of that set, and did the same thing with them.  I felt so proud.  A 21 month old reading books on his own!  Now I know they are simple word books, but that is just amazing to me!

I like to take you in the book store sometimes and I look around and of course we have to buy a book!  I pick one out that you might like and we bring it home.  Gigi loves to read with you too and buy you books or get them from the library.  When I’m in the bookstore I wish I could buy them all for you and bring them all home.  I just have this feeling that can’t be explained when I walk into a bookstore.  I just want to get them all for you.  I want you to have the same feeling I have about books.  I think you already have that feeling.  I just have to continue to feed into your love of books and reading!




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