Lights out

Dear Blake,

This morning was so silly and crazy!  The power was going on and off for about 3 hours.  My first thought when this happened was that you were going to wake up.  You have a sound machine in your room that plays a white noise sound to help you sleep and when the power went out I figured you might wake up, but you didn’t.  I got in the shower and then of course the power went out for good!  I had to get ready in the dark by the light of my flashlight.  I got ready and then had to go in your room to get you ready to leave for Papa and Gigi’s. 

I walked in your room with my lantern flashlight and you said “Mama, light.”  You knew something was up.  I had to change your diaper in the dark with the flashlight and get you all ready.  Dadda had to go open the garage door manually and I put you in the car.  The whole way (2 hours in the car) to Papa and Gigi’s all you said was “Lights, out, lights, out.”  And “lots of snow, lots of snow.”  It’s funny how you know things that are going on that aren’t normal everyday occurrences. 

The weather this winter is just crazy and just when we think we are done with it, more snow comes!  Hopefully this is the last snow storm.  I think you are so ready for spring and can’t wait to go outside and go for walks and play on the swings!




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