Dear Blake,
Today we are going out to eat with everybody (you would say “applebody”) in our family to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. I love birthday dinners because even though I’m almost 30 my Mom and Dad still ask where I would like to go and they take us all out to eat!  I picked Olive Garden!  You also will love Olive Garden because we can get you your favorite food there…”chiolis.” 
You love music and something you like to hear me sing is the birthday song, and at the end you will clap and yell “YAYYYYYYYYYYY!”  So all week I have been singing happy birthday to myself and you say “YAYYYYYYYYY MAMA!” 
Dadda asked me last night if I was worried about turning 30. I think a lot of women are but it doesn’t worry me at all. I’m really going to enjoy my last night of being 29, with my family and my most special boy in the whole world!


One thought on “Pre-30

  1. Erin this is so adorable!! Olive Garden is so delicious!! Great choice! I hope you have a great celebration and last day of being in your twenties! 30 was semi tough for me to hear out loud. So I like your positive thoughts about it!! I love that your family still asks you where you want to go!! Happy birthday! 😄

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