Dear Blake,

I would like to share the very limited different kinds of food that you will eat…

– bananas








-“cholis”  (for mostachioli)  These are your favorite you will eat everyday.



-basically any fruit but no veggies expect corn

You will not eat meat, you will not eat any veggies or try anything new. 

People keep telling me “just wait, just wait…one day he will be eating you out of house and home.”  I can’t wait to see that day.  I want to expand your horizons for the wonderful world of food.  I want you to try new things and healthy things.  When I try to disguise your foods in other foods or puree them and put them in things, you ALWAYS know.  You ALWAYS figure it out.  I can’t win!

One day…one day you will love food as much as I do!





6 thoughts on “Food

  1. We’re babysitting tonight and have to feed the boys dinner. You just put on paper what has been going through my head all day… They are so darn fussy, what will they eat for me?????

  2. One day he will not stop eating! Yes, so stinking picky! We had a stand-off over ham tonight. I won but they got ice cream out of it. Love your slices! So easy to relate to!

  3. Erin, you will never, ever find a pickier eater than my Maddie. I mean it, she was terrible. It gets better. It’s a phase. Just keep exposing him to new foods. He WILL eat other things some day.

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