Changing diapers-changing plans

Dear Blakey,

Yesterday your Gigi and I had planned to take you to church when I picked you up from work and we would all go get ashes.  Well that turned out to be a disaster.  Of course I came to the house and you were disappointed that I wasn’t Papa, then you were crying, then I tried to calm you down by showing you your “videos” on my phone.  As you were sitting on my lap, I started smelling some bad odor (you know what).  I realized my pants were wet where you were sitting on me…Oh boy!  I took you upstairs to change you and realized I had “you know what” all over my pants…couldn’t go to church…couldn’t get ashes.  Change of plans. 

Can I give up changing diapers for lent?




7 thoughts on “Changing diapers-changing plans

  1. I LOVE your ending, Erin! I can just see your sweet, smiling face with that Uh-oh look…while still smiling. Blake is lucky to have such an understanding momma. I also noticed the change in your beginning….”Dear Blakey”. ADORABLE.

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