Dear Blake,

Let me tell you about your favorite person in the world…Papa.  It’s so special to me that you love your Papa so much.  You are OBSESSED!  When Papa is around, you forget about everyone else, even me.  That’s fine though because it’s so nice to see that you love him so much.  My Dad was always a great Dad to me and your Aunties and now he is such a great Papa to you.  He does all your favorite things with you.  He plays with all the things you love and you drag him around the house to everything and he does it all. 

When I come home from work and pick you up, you think it’s Papa walking through the door and you yell Papa, Papa, Papa!  You’re almost sad to see that it’s me.  (On any other day you would be happy to see me, but when you’re at Papa’s house you just want him.) 

It makes me so happy to see that you love your Papa.  He is so special to me and now he’s special to you.  I know you and him will always have a special relationship and bond with each other that will grow more as time goes on. 




10 thoughts on “Papa

  1. Oh Erin, this is so special. Something Blake will love reading when he gets older. It’s fun to watch dads become grandfathers. It’s a different kind of relationship, but so, so special all the same!

  2. What a great use of SOL, to capture these moments and thoughts for your baby! Was just thinking about how letter format makes audience so much easier to think about – you’re inspiring me to try this on in my own writing!

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