Pillow (pathway to being a big boy)

Dear Blake,

Last night was your first night having a pillow.  Gigi made it for you to match your Mickey mouse sheets.  All day you kept saying pillow, pillow, pillow.  When we told you to go night night on your pillow you would lay down on top of the whole thing and said “night night.”  It was the cutest thing.  I put it in your crib and showed you it was in there.  I don’t know if you slept on it or not but I was watching from the monitor to see if you were.  I couldn’t quite see if you had your head on it.  You kept rolling over and over and couldn’t quite get comfortable with your new pillow in the bed. 

This was a big step for me as well because it is a first step toward having a big boy bed one day.  Pretty soon you will be climbing out of your crib and then having a big boy bed.  They always say don’t give a baby a pillow until they are at least two.  Well I thought it was about time so we decided to give you one.  Each time you do something new, you are growing more and more into a big boy.  It’s hard for me to handle.  Dadda says pretty soon you will be “getting on the bus to go to school.”  (He says that just to joke around).  I can’t wait to see what you will do next.

Love, Mama


3 thoughts on “Pillow (pathway to being a big boy)

  1. It’s funny how a simple thing like a pillow can be such a big deal. Right before I read this, I wrote my slice for tomorrow about the first time we put Audrey in her toddle bed. Such small things, yet so big.

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