Not needed

Dear Blake,

On certain weekend mornings your wonderful Dadda will let me sleep in (past 7) and I will accept it!  However, it comes with a price…when I wake up (maybe an hour later) you do not want anything to do with me.  I mean you say “Hi Mama” and give me a hug, but then it’s Dadda, Dadda, Dadda all day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that you love your Dadda and want to spend time with him but we’ve come to find out that whoever wakes up first with you, will be the one you want all day.  It’s kind of funny sometimes, but it breaks my heart.  I feel not needed.  Like chopped liver. 

Time will go by and you will slowly start bringing me books and toys and want to play with me again, but for a while I feel not needed. 

When I wake up first, it’s me you want all day!  It’s the best feeling but then Dadda feels hurt. 

It’s a joke on Saturday night when your Dadda says to me, “so who’s going to wake up first tomorrow?”  I have to really think about it beacause do I want to get some extra sleep, or do I want you to need me all day…

It’s a hard decision.  This is why I’m usually tired all the time.  Because I’d rather wake up with you.




5 thoughts on “Not needed

  1. It is funny how our children change us…I too would rather be needed than get that extra sleep…love being with my girl and as she just became a decade old am keenly aware of how much that needingness will diminish and change as she grows…you can always sleep later…

  2. Oh Erin…this piece just saddens me. I get it. The toss between sleep & time, momma & dadda. I know you know this, but Blake is one lucky guy and he loves you so much…and dadda 🙂 I agree with Beth, sleep later, that’s what retirement is for 😉

  3. The give and take of being a mom. It’s so hard. Every time I spend time with my friends, it is hard for me to leave Audrey even though it is good for her to have father- daughter time. I feel like I am missing out on something, even though it is so good for me to be with my friends too. It doesn’t seem to get any easier- maybe when they are teenagers we will feel different????

  4. Erin that is so sweet that Blake does that!! It’s adorable how he grows more attached to the one that wakes him up first for that day! I also love and understand why you would rather be the first to wake him up! I love hearing Josh call “mommy!!!!” in the mornings. Best wake up alarm ever.

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