Naturally curious

Dear Blake,

When you were first born I thought that being a teacher with a son, I was going to have to constantly be teaching you and grilling you on every little thing to make sure you knew it.  But lately I’ve come to realize that you are just naturally curious and want to learn!  It’s amazing the things you have already learned how to do.  You know all your letters and numbers and can count while pointing to objects.  You can spell your name and say your full name.  You know all your colors and shapes and can do puzzles with ease.  You love to read books, and the other day you read a book all buy yourself to me and knew all the words.   I really didn’t even teach you how to do these things…you just learned them.  Maybe it was a combination of me telling you one time, or watching your “shows” as you call it, that taught you these things. 
Sometimes we will go places like the store and other parents will ask how old you are and say “wow, he knows a lot of words,” or “wow, he’s so smart,” or “wow, he repeats what you say,” and I think to myself, yeah I didn’t even teach him to do those things.  I think as parents we just talk to you and talk about what is going on in our day and you pick up on those things and you just naturally take to them.  I don’t think we are doing anything fancy to make you learn these things, it’s just your personality to want to learn!  It makes my heart happy when I see you doing these things.  It makes me proud to call you my son. 




3 thoughts on “Naturally curious

  1. Erin, I thought the same way as you. And you’re right, they’re naturally curious. But I do think you’ve taught him because you do talk to him all the time and tell him things. And you read to him all the time. You are teaching him, but just not the way you thought you would. Plus, he’s just a smarty!!

  2. Relationships are everything. Keep building your relationship and Blake is bound to be the brightest, most loved boy you know.

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