Dear Blake,

Right now, balloons are the highlight of your day.  Anywhere we go I have to hide from balloons.  If you see one you will start saying “bawoon, bawoon, bawoon” about 500 times until I give it to you.  It’s especially hard when we are somewhere like a car dealership and they have these elaborate balloon decorations high up in the air and there is no way for me to give you that balloon.  You don’t understand that part and start screaming for it anyway.  It seems like everywhere we go nowadays there are balloons.  Maybe it’s just because I’m noticing it because you like them, but it just seems like every place has a balloon.  The other day, Dadda brought home a red balloon from the store.  Your face lit up and it’s all you wanted in the world.  You carried it with you while you ate dinner and held onto it in the tub.  You tried to take it to bed but we couldn’t do that. 

Sometimes it’s the small things in life…




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