Dear Blake,

I am determined to lose the weight that I gained while I was pregnant with you.  Whether it be me going running or to the gym or working out at home doing an exercise DVD.  I had a couple of days off of work because of the very cold weather so I stayed in and did a workout DVD.  It is the hardest thing, but the funniest thing to work out while taking care of you.  First, I get the DVD ready and as soon as you see that, you start saying ddddvvvdddddvvvdddd.  Then you realize that I’m turning off Mickey Mouse clubhouse so you start saying “Noooooooooo shows!”  You call it your shows and you know I’m going to be turning it off.  Then the workout comes on and you stare at the crazy people jumping up and down and watch me doing the same thing.  Then you start running around me in a circle laughing and saying “silly Mama.”  Yes I know I probably look silly…The best is when you start jumping up a down and doing the same things that I’m doing.  Working out can be fun!  Who knew! 

It’s been hard to lose this weight, but I’m having fun doing it at home with you sometimes! 




6 thoughts on “Exercising

  1. Great plan! I love working out with Maddie copying me. She only lasts a few minutes though and then she gets bored and goes back upstairs. Seeing a four year old rock some downward dog is the highlight of my workouts!

  2. Erin, you’re back!! Yay! I can totally relate to this Slice – I’ve been working out at home with Maddie and Kate and, boy, have we had some laughs. They lose interest after about 10 minutes and end up playing with each other, but those first 10 minutes of my workout are hysterical!

    • Yes it’s so funny! Blake usually starts by staring at the ladies on the screen wondering what is going on…then he realizes Mommy is doing her crazy DVD again and starts running around me in circles!

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