Keeping up

Dear Blake,

A lot has changed since I last wrote to you.  Your Dadda and I say all the time that we can’t keep up with how much you are changing.  You can say so many words now.  You are really talking and most of the time you are the funniest little boy ever with what you say!  Most of the time you have me laughing and I don’t even think you know that you are being funny.  Your favorite word is “no.”  But you say it like you are asking a question…”no?”  I have to turn my head and laugh so you don’t see me laughing when you tell me “no” because it’s so cute! 

You are also the smartest boy.  We don’t really know what to compare it to but we just know you are so smart!  You know all the letters of the alphabet and how to say them…and you’re only 19 months old!  You also know all the numbers and are even starting to count past 10.  It’s amazing.  Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher and I know what age kids should know certain things, but I feel like you are smart because you already know those things!  I can’t wait to see what you will learn next!





3 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. thank you for sharing your beautiful picture. I love baby feet. Enjoy this time. It goes so quick mine are 20, 18, and 15…and I still love them so much I can’t stand how smart and perfect they are- but I am sure their teachers see them differently:)

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